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There was a time, when I was young(er), when life was easy. When people where either good or bad. When governments where either oppressive (evil) or democratic (good). When one beautiful thing always had its ugly opponent. I loved Ethiopia, and therefore I had to dislike Sweden. I loved poor people, and thus had to dislike the rich. And so on.

Not very surprising, life’s reaction to this strategy was:


And then:


My  personal world order literally fell apart. For the simple reason that it met reality.

And in reality things are complicated, nuanced and multifaceted.

I sometimes miss that time, when life was easy and black and white. When I was sure I was right, and others (who didn’t agree with me) simply were wrong.

Nowadays, I love both Ethiopia and Sweden. And dislike them both from some angles. And can no longer judge the EPRDF-government simply as evil oppressors, but have to struggle (and will continue to) find answers on how Ethiopia can be a democratic country? (If that is what the people want, which is not clear (their will) all days). And, the disillusioning moment when I realized that the opposition is a part of the problem as well. And about the poor people, whom where automatically good and when they did something bad it could always be excused by the fact that they were poor… well, that didn’t really work. And the rich people could not be labeled evil just because of the sheer fact that they had money.

I had to find a better way of viewing the world.

And that is where I am now:

In a world without easy answers.

(And also in a world where I have resumed my blogging! Hope you’ll enjoy and join the conversation.)


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